Friday, February 28, 2014

How to create a shortcut button to a specific folder in total commander

I love total commander, it is my favorite file manager and I really miss it on my mac :(
Since I use it very often I found useful  to define shortcuts for some of my working folders.
How did I do this?
It's easy.

In this example, I will add a button to the toolbar pointing to my foo folder present on my C: drive, so it's path will be C:\foo

1)  In TotalCommander, select the Button Bar... entry from the Configuration menu.
All the buttons available at the moment on the toolbar are displayed.  

2) Click Add

3)  Fill the fields Command and Parameters as shown below:

Command: CD
Parameters: C:\foo

Useless to say, if you want a shortcut to another folder, just change the field Parameters accordingly.

4) Select a nice icon for the field Icon file. You can choose one your own .ico file by clicking on the >> button.

That's it!

You can change the position of your shortcut too.