Wednesday, January 30, 2013

edufit: a Matlab data fitting interface

I love Matlab, it is a great software but its fitting tools are a bit disappointing for me (see cftool).
The problem in my case came from the need to fit many files... at once.

For this reason, I have developed a simple (about 2200 code lines)  Matlab GUI interface for fitting one-dimensional data. I named it edufit.
Basically it is "just" a graphical front-end that use the powerful and standard function nlinfit (through my modified version mod_nlinfit).

edufit is the best way to use Matlab for curve fitting with custom equations. Trust me!
Try it and give me your feedback!

  • Quick serial analysis
  • Determination of the error bars (half of the 95% confidence interval)
  • Hold parameters (thanks to mod_nlinfit)
  • Easy support for using custom models (i.e. userdefined fitting functions)
System requirements:
  • Matlab 7 or higher
  • nlinfit must be installed: check it by typing which nlinfit in the Matlab Command Window.  If you get the message 'nlinfit.m' is bad news.
  • edufit runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • dualcursor is an optional package you can use within edufit
  • edufit_v1 folder and the edufit user guide are available here.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Unreasonable effectiveness of C

Today I read a very interesting post about C by Damien Katz and I thought it could be interesting for you as well.

"For years I've tried my damnedest to get away from C. Too simple, too many details to manage, too old and crufty, too low level. I've had intense and torrid love affairs with Java, C++, and Erlang. I've built things I'm proud of with all of them, and yet each has broken my heart. They've made promises they couldn't keep, created cultures that focus on the wrong things, and made devastating tradeoffs that eventually make you suffer painfully. And I keep crawling back to C."